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Bob started the band back in college at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island where he was a double major in philosophy and American Civilization. Bob took one legitimate music class in college. It was music theory. He sat behind Lisa Loeb. She did very well. Bob dropped the class when it became apparent that he had no chance of passing.*

Bob is not short. As a matter of fact he's 6'5" tall and was an all-state basketball player in high school and an all-bench player in college for a couple years. He did manage to amass quite a collection of jock straps however thanks to the Brown University athletic department.

Bob is a big fan of cats and you should also know that the guinea pigs on the cover of the first album were Bob's - respectively from left to right, Bea and Millie. The woman at the Boston Pet Center told him that he had purchased two female guinea pigs. She was wrong. Bob thought at first that he may have had a pair of progressive, lesbian guinea pigs. However, it soon became apparent that Millie was in fact Milton and Bob wound up having to pawn three guinea pig babies off on his little sister. Sadly, Millie died of an infection not long ago and Bea died a couple months later out of loneliness. Their legacy lives on.

Bob likes the following things: Breyers' Light Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Krispy Kreme Donuts, Notre Dame Football, seeing eye dogs, Woody Allen movies, South African pop music, Billy Bragg and a lot of other things.
Bob does not like: Most reptiles (but he's willing to learn).

* Lisa Loeb has sold a few million records. Bob sold one to his parents.

An interview with Bob conducted for the ABC news program Nightline:

Forrest Sawyer - What do you write first, the words or the music.
Bob Whelan - Neither.
Forrest - Really?
Bob - No, not really. As a matter of fact I have a crack team of dwarves, or rather, dwarves on crack who write most of the material. I just take credit for the songs 'cause I'm a lot bigger than they are.
Forrest - Do you have much of a dwarf fan base?
Bob - Yeah, we're huge with dwarves believe it or not. Unfortunately we can't get the Soundscan charts to recognize our middle earth sales which have topped 200,000 units. We're the Ricky Martin's of the dwarf world.
Forrest - Do you think the dwarves in your fan base will be offended by your seemingly flippant remarks?
Bob - No. Some of my best friends are dwarves.
Forrest - Hmmm. I think you're lying.
Bob - Is Forrest your real name?
Forrest - This interview is over.
Bob - What? Hey, come back...

(The interview was, for obvious reasons, never run.)

Bob Bob happily resides in the Boston area with his three cats - Benjamin, Lemmy and Iris. For more on Bob please consult your local library.


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