Band Photo Brian Holland Alex Grossi Bob Whelan Hale Pulsifer Bob Whelan (vocals, guitar)
Hale Pulsifer (drums)
Alex Grossi (lead guitar)
Brian Holland (bass)

Jim Dand (tour manager)

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Angry Salad (to get the story behind the name, you'll have to corner the band at a live show) came together formally in 1993 at Brown University - entering the famed WBRU Rock Hunt in Providence, Rhode Island. Pitted against over 200 of New England's finest, Angry Salad emerged victorious. From that moment, the path was clear. The group set aside their course books, packed up the Econoline, and hit the road. Through relentless touring, Angry Salad have built a faithful national following while earning a powerful reputation as a band not to be missed.

"We took a page out of the playbook of great touring bands who came before us - bands that worked their asses off on the road and developed fan bases that have remained loyal for long periods of time," says Bob. "I think it was Billy Squire who said, 'It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees.'"

In 1995, the band moved from Rhode Island to Boston, where they self-released their debut CD, "The GUINEA PIG EP." As news of the band continued to make its way into the world, the EP found its way onto the CMJ Top 200. While selling some 10,000 copies from stage after their shows, the band earned a "Best Debut Album" nomination from the Boston Music Awards. Empowered by the enthused reception, the band turned it on all the more.

"We're well aware of the fact that people could be out doing something else with their money other than come see us play," says Hale. "The four of us take that pretty seriously. We put out every single night so no one looks stupid - us, or the people who brought their friends along. In the words of the late Joe DiMaggio, 'Someone may be seeing us for the first time and someone may be seeing us for the last.'"

More than their creative powers and dedication to performance, Angry Salad has always credited their chemistry, their common bond, as the true source of their success.

"I could name so many great bands from Boston who deserved the ear of the country, but for whatever reason, never toured," says Whelan. "Maybe they didn't think they could do it. After all, a lot of bands can't drive to a show 20 miles away without breaking up. We're fortunate that we happen to get along real well."

By 1998, Angry Salad embarked on a series of national tours, travelling the country in their custom-built van, lovingly dubbed (by sources outside the band) "The Salad Shooter". In addition, the band continued to craft new tunes for their planned full-length debut, which they decided would be called "BIZARRE GARDENING ACCIDENT."

One warm spring day, the band walked unannounced into the New York City offices of The Blackbird Recording Company, an artist development label affiliated with The Atlantic Group. They sought out A&R honcho Cathy Burke, handed her a tape of "BIZARRE GARDENING ACCIDENT" and, for good measure, a six pack of cold beer brewed in Boston.

Blackbird president Billy Lehman had an offer on the table within days.

The album - now simply known as "ANGRY SALAD" - was soon completed after several trips to Los Angeles to work with renowned mix-master Tom Lord-Alge (Dave Matthews, Live, Rolling Stones, Wallflowers). Billboard Magazine has already weighed in on the first single, "The Milkshake Song," noting that "Angry Salad snags the listener with a barbed chorus hook," hailing the track as "a runaway hit".

With their debut album in stores now, Angry Salad are packing their bags for another few years in the van, bringing their brand of smart pop rock to the fans and their friends.

"People pay thousands of dollars to go on Outward Bound and other adventure courses to experience the type of grueling adventure that we get paid to live through," says Alex. "Sometimes as much as a dollar-fifty a day."

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