'Have I shown you what these guns can do?'

Jim Dand Playgirl Data Sheet

NAME: James Orenthal Dand
DATE OF BIRTH: June 9, 1969
BIRTH PLACE: Chevy Chase, MD
BIRTHMARKS: Too Many To Mention

LIKES: Kayaking, listening to old Jackson 5 records, reading Dickens novels while driving the tour van, and collecting Orenthal James Simpson and Chevy Chase paraphernalia.

DISLIKES: Canoeing, waxing Hale's tattoo, Puff Daddy, Live, and not getting my burgers flame-broiled.

SOMEDAY: ...I will replace Bob as lead singer and women will come for miles to rub my head and make a wish.

Jim in the penguin suit (the bottom half, at least) Jim trying to be the dancing guy from the Bosstones

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