Jim with Billy Bragg
Jim with one of his musical heros, Billy Bragg.
(In case you haven't figured it out yet, the previous page was a joke.)

Jim Dand is not, nor has he ever been, a nude model in Playgirl.  The world thanks him for that.

Jim Dand was not born on 6/9/69. He was born sometime in the early 70's. No one is quite sure of the actual date, as the pack of wolves that raised him did not keep accurate records.

Jim Dand was not born in Chevy Chase, MD. He has lived his entire life in the Boston area.

His middle name is not Orenthal. It is Allan.

When he is not on the road with Angry Salad, Jim can be found sitting around his house fixing all the gear that Bob broke on the last tour. Jim lives in the Boston area with his pug dog, Sunshine, and his cat, Townshend.

Before and during his tenure as Angry Salad's tour manager, Jim has played bass in a bunch of bands that you've never heard of. He also plays keyboards, composes instrumental music, and fancies himself a decent recording engineer and producer. The rest of the band doesn't have the heart to tell him he should stick to tour management.

Jim with his long-lost identical twin

How Jim Became Angry Salad's Tour Manager:

Jim met both Bob and Hale at boarding school. Bob had a band there that wrote and played a song about Jim. Jim and Hale had a band that didn't really have any good songs.

The three young lads met up again at Brown University. Bob had started a band called Angry Salad. Jim and Hale were trying to start a band called Meat Raffle. Meat Raffle sucked - mainly becuase Jim and Hale were the only people in the band. They couldn't find a guitarist that wanted to play with them. They also sucked because Jim couldn't write any good songs. Jim had a talk with Bob about songwriting, and Bob suggested that Jim might make a better tour manager than songwriter. The two of them looked at each other and said, "Why not join up?"

Oh yeah - Hale quickly joined up with them, too.

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