Hale then. Hale learned to play drums thanks, in part, to his Fisher Price record player. Having a pretty limited vinyl collection of his own, he played mostly to albums borrowed from his parents and older sister. As a result, the subtle nuances of just about every ABBA, Phil Collins and Men at Work records are forever ingrained in the poor fellow's brain.

Hale used to live in France and is looking forward to returning --this time on tour with Angry Salad. He also hopes to one day own a motorcycle and play in a hockey league for adult beginners (although he is an avid Hockey fan he can barely skate). Hale also loves the Simpsons and despite how much it embarrasses the rest of the band he can proudly rattle off the ins and out of almost every episode.

Hale now. Hale's best friend is his dog, Hillary. She loves to play Frisbee and Hale once took her to a Frisbee catching tournament in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They finished dead last on account of her lack of speed - mostly attributable to her rounded physique and super short legs. It was still a positive experience as the two left with Air Major's paw print autograph and a year's supply of Beggin' Strips.

Hale enjoys old movies. His favorites are: "The Days of Wine and Roses," "Young Lions," "12 Angry Men," and anything with Buster Keaton. Before playing full time in Angry Salad, Hale used to work for the Big Apple Circus and also delivered pizzas in Stoneham, MA. It seems the musical opportunity came just in time.


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