Below are some links to web pages belonging to friends & associates of Angry Salad,
as well as some of the places that we like to visit when we're on-line.

Friends of Angry Salad:

  • James Hickman
    Our manager's cousin - he's an Olympic swimmer from Great Britain. Show him some love.

  • The Blackbird Recording Company
    The coolest record label on the planet

  • Atlantic Records
    A close second.

  • The Planetary Group
    Full-Service band promotion & marketing in the Boston area

  • Instant Magazine
    Great 'zine from Boston

  • The SamplesThe Samples
    Some of the greatest guys in the music business.
    These guys have become great friends of ours and have helped us out quite a bit.

  • Vertical HorizonVertical Horizon
    Good friends of ours from Boston.
    Their new CD is in heavy rotation on our van's stereo.

    A great band from New Orleans, LA.
    Possibly one of the best live bands ever.

  • The Pondering
    A really cool band from Charleston, SC.
    The lead singer's a little funny lookin', but the rest of 'em are OK.

  • Aztek Trip
    The pride of eastern Pennsylvania.

  • Zola Turn
    A great all-girl band from Burlington, VT.

  • The Middle East - Cambridge, MA
    Angry Salad's home turf.

  • Triangle Fraternity (Penn State Chapter)
    The Triangle will always hold a special place in our hearts.

  • InVisuals
    They've been known to help us with our photo-imaging needs.

  • Rane
    A cool band from Hartford, CT.

  • Rock The VoteRock The Vote
    Register to vote and make a difference.
    Come see Angry Salad on the Rock The Vote Bus Tour in Fall 2000.

  • iHarvest
    A cool new internet company with strong ties to Angry Salad's alma mater

    These guys have some live video clips of Angry Salad on the "Rock" section of their site. Not recommended for people with slow internet connections.

Products that we endorse:

  • Marshall
    Bob's amp of choice.

  • Fender
    An American classic. Bob is partial to Telecasters.

  • Paul Reed Smith Guitars
    Alex's favorite guitars. He has at least 4 of them at any given time.

  • Mesa/Boogie amps
    Alex, Bob, and Brian all use Mesa/Boogie amps.

  • Angry Salad uses D'Addario strings and Evans Drum Heads.

  • Grover Pro Percussion
    Hale uses Grover Snares and Snare Wires.

  • Vic Firth Sticks
    Hale also uses Vic Firth drum sticks.

  • Jim's & Bob's favorite MIDI and Digital Audio software.

Other web sites that we like to visit:

  • Krispy Kreme Doughnutsmmmmmm.....doughnuts.....
    The BEST doughnuts on Earth.

  • ESPN SportsZone
    Gotta know what's going on in the wide world of sports. (Hale especially likes the NHL Hockey page)

  • The Simpsons
    We watch at least one episode of The Simpsons every time we get in the van.

  • Spinal Tap
    'nuff said.

  • Ultimate Band List
    The Ultimate Band List. Go here to find info on any band.

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