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Angry Salad at Disney World, Part II (10/9/00)

We're like dwarves in front of Cinderella's castle
Getting ready to ride Space Mountain for the third time in a row
Bob and Brian spinnin' it teacup-style
It's like a freakin' country bear jamboroo around here!
Somehow we all had belt problems on It's A Small World
Jim finally finds his long-lost parents at Animal Kingdom
Mono means one, and rail means rail...
Modeling our new fashionable eyewear from A Bug's Life
Monkey love
Doing our best to help the natives

Angry Salad with Bobcat Goldthwait in Columbia, SC (6/18/99)

The guys met Bobcat at the WARQ studios where both were doing interviews
Bobcat came out to the show at Elbow Room that night after his gig in town

Angry Salad at Disney World (4/15/97):

Jim apparently was not all that impressed with the Tower Of Terror
Bob & Jim on Splash Mountain
Danger Will Robinson!
Honey, I shrunk Angry Salad
Remember that day when Yoda filled-in for Brian?
Get your donkey ass outta here!

More Fun Photos:

Alex with Wesley Willis - Rock over London.
Who says this band never gets high?
Bob, Hale, & Alex at the Golden Dome of Notre Dame University (Jim says BOO!!!)
Bob with Stretch Armstrong
Hale with Stretch Armstrong
Bob with our friend Therese
A friend with a very strange talent.
The band with some friends from Fairfield University
Someday we will tour in this.
Until then, this will have to do.
Alex with our friend Nicole in Chicago
Signing our recording deal with Blackbird Records (Billy Lehman - President)
Again with Billy Lehman after our show in NYC that night.
Our friends Staci and BJ sporting an Angry Salad baby-doll shirt
It takes very little to keep these guys entertained
Big guy, little truck
We promised to stop making mother jokes, but...
With our friend Carri in Hilton Head Island, SC
Brian with our friends Ellen and Cynthia in Columbia, SC
Those crazy Superman shirts again.  With Susan Groves (WARQ DJ) and Cathy Burke from Blackbird Records
Hanging out in the Hollywood Hills
Angry Salad with a shirtless Eddie Money in Sacramento, CA
Bob with some friends at our Bull Moose in-store in Portland, ME
Angry Salad, Ricky Martin, and friends at Bull Moose, Portland, ME
Bob, Al, Ricky, and some friends at Bull Moose - Portland, ME
Bob with the Sheaffer siblings in Las Vegas, NV
Bob, Adam, Hale, and Jim at the grand opening of Safeco Field in Seattle, WA
Sweet Seattle
With our friends at Winthrop University
With our friend Tim Wan at Vassar College

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